Who is this dude? A little about me.

Hello there!

My name is Dion Owen and I am a 28 year old, middle class, white guy. I have a sociology-theatre degree from Thompson Rivers University. The viability of that degree, producing me, any kind of reliable income, is why I am now a bike-mechanic/comedian!

I was born in a small town in the interior of British Columbia called Williams Lake.  And now hail from an even smaller town called Bowser on Vancouver Island. Which I am very happy and fortunate to now call it home.

Like many people I went to university and grew immensely but was also disillusioned at the same time. The realization that education had become a full fledged business, was like a child first realizing that their parents were fallible. I was looking to other people and institutions for some beacon to follow and was shocked to conclude, they are as vulnerable and imperfect as the rest of us.

This is when I started really admiring the way comics such as Bill Hicks and George Carlin were able to be so powerful, authoritative and flawed at the same time. These informed and bona fide individuals were in stark contrast to the fake “we have all our shit together” image that most corporations, news outlets, institutions and leaders tend to facade around with. And thus I began to aspire to be a comedian.

In regards to the biking, most of us are aware that our thirst for oil may be quenched by an impending lack of it. With this in mind, bikes just started appearing in my life. There are few experience as rewarding as saving a bike from the garbage, putting a few hours of labour into and and donating it to someone who could use it. That hands on work and getting to see the “fruits” of my labour really began to resonate with me. In addition the health benefits and overall enjoyment from riding a well tuned road bike are very rewarding.

That sums it up for now, hopefully this gives you some insight and explains why I am inspired to be Biking Across Canada to Cure Comedy.

Thanks for reading,



One comment

  1. RIDE Dion RIDE!!!!! Way to go, dude, you are an awesome example of someone who is making a difference!! Good Luck…,wherever life takes you.

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