Laid Back and Low Stress

Hello everyone, it seems with the randomness of this adventure that sticking to getting the blog posted mid week is not possible. Thus we have a Friday afternoon post. I’ve had a pretty mellow week of family time, so if you are not related to me you might find this weeks post a little lackluster, however if you’re my mom then you are in for a treat!

I am typing this weeks blog from a nice little coffee shop called Oliver’s in my old stomping grounds of Bala Ontario.

I am very fortunate to have access to a family cottage in this super cool region and have a feeling I might use it as a writers paradise.

Time in Barrie was excellent and my aunt and uncle were awesome hosts we enjoyed lots of laugh and good food. My uncle John is a super funny guy so I lifted as much material from him as possible. They have 4 sons three of whom still reside in Barrie and are starting families of they’re own. I had the fortune of hitting up the cousins to meet the new relatives and score some free food, here is pizza at Dylan’s and Lianne’s.


(Aunt Velia, uncle John, Lianne, Jeremy, Dylan)



(Jessie, Anne-Marie and their 5 day old baby girl.)


(Jeremy and his youngest son)

In the above photo I went to visit Jeremy in the park to cheer on his sister in law who was doing a triathlon. After the race she for some insane reason went to McDonalds!!!!! I was hungry but not up for McD’s so I decided to eat elsewhere.

The rest of the family in Barrie were busy with kids, jobs and life in general. So I went out for lunch solo and let me tell you, for a social extroverted fellow like myself eating alone at a restaurant was weird. I did snag this awesome photo though, at the pizza restaurant all the chairs have bikini bottoms on the back so the gentleman’s misleading back side made me do a double take.


(The highlight of my lonely lunch.)

From Barrie I headed up with my cousin Phil to the family cottage here in Bala where I got to spend some time with my cousin Tom his son Dylan. My cousin Stef even came up from Toronto for a night.


(The awesome family cottage you can see The Enterprise hiding behind a tree.)


(Phil, Tom, a hobo?)


(Stef, Tom, Dylan a hobo with a touque? and a photo bomb from Stef’s dog JD.)

Well that about sums it up. It’s been a nice relaxing last week however I have a feeling the next 2-4 weeks is going to be pretty event filled especially in terms of my stand up career. Toronto and Montreal are the make or break areas for me. So hopefully next weeks post will be all about big opportunities, big breaks and big laughs. Whatever happens I will make sure I have fun and share it on here.

Thanks for reading,



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