Damn it Feels Good to Eat Falafel

Hello everyone I hope this weeks blog post finds you well and you are able to enjoy and squeeze the fun out of the last days of summer.


My time in Toronto has been a blast but is slowly winding down. I have been able to network and volunteer at 2 awesome bike co-ops here in TO. One called Bike Sauce and one called Bike Pirates. Bike Sauce is an excellent co-op that boast a kitchen and often feeds it’s volunteers. Take note people feeding volunteers is a great way to keep them both fuelled, motivated and appreciated. One afternoon this awesome girl Meghan prepared falafel for the whole crew. FYI falafel is one of my favourite foods and my second favourite word.


(Eating falafel with the Bike Sauce crew. Just say falafel out loud and try not to smile!)

The other bike co-op Bike Pirates started out as a freeganism movement that raided grocery store dumpsters to get food to Vietnam protesters. Out of these awesome roots the original organization moved on. However, it left what some refer to as an anarchist bike shop. Totally up my alley, bonus I bought some falafel before volunteering here.


(Seriously garbanzo beans + spices = delicious)

Through Bike Sauce I built a really nice single speed Miele that I borrowed for a night to go play bike polo. Bike polo is like combining ball hockey and biking two of my favourite things. So I will brag and say I was a bit of a natural. A number of different people were like “are you sure this is your first time?” To which I smugly answered yes and went back to putting up some serious points. This is a sport I will be playing again!


(The Miele I used for polo, obviously I couldn’t leave Ltn Commander Worf stranded on The Enterprise so I proudly tapped him to my bars.)

Also I managed to catch part of Busker Fest which was awesome and I really should have prioritized spending more time there. All the acts I caught were tremendous and I even found another Trekie!


(What did Spock see when he went into the captains bathroom?                              The captains log!)

In terms of the stand up scene I hit up 2 comedy nights thus far as a “booked” comedian. As of right now that just entails getting to go to an open mic comedy night and being guaranteed a spot and a little more leeway with time constraints. The first one went really well the second one was just ok. I wasn’t 100% on point and it was an all comedian crowd. One patron who came into the bar raved “oh fuck they’re doing a comedy night here…” hahah good times.


(The first show was definitely highlighted by one comedian who wanted to exemplify how not racist he was by wearing a “hat” that had a “not a racist” sign attached to it, let’s just say his material was a little racy.)

I have another set tonight and a final one Tuesday before I head towards Montreal. I am struggling a bit as I know Toronto’s International Film Festival (TIFF) starts next week. So I am a bit torn on whether I should extend my visit here in Toronto one more week in order to try and capitalize on the influx of opportunity brought by TIFF. What are your thoughts?

Anyway that about sums up my week, I am heading off to the cottage up in Muskoka for the long weekend which should be fun. I will aim to have next weeks article be a theme or list as I feel those are a little more entertaining to read. I will admit I have lost a bit of steam for the blog and have had a really low energy week. However I hope my enthusiasm returns and helps spur some interesting narratives and comedic writing. Thanks so much for reading, have a great day.




  1. Brady is going to TO next week, Wednesday I think. Hope you are still around and he can touch bases with you. You WL boys need to stick together! Falafel, yes makes me smile too.

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