Biking into the Center of the Universe

Hello everyone, I hope this weeks blog post finds you well. So I am in the center of the universe Toronto and it is a bumping city! The stand up scene is vibrant and there is stage time available every night. Big news check out what I have up and running, my very own stand up site, woooooo ( A big thanks comically enough to my mom and my other unpaid manager Tobias.


(I just love this song and it’s similar to what I imagine biking into the middle of the universe would be like

Onto the occurrences of this past week. One major highlight was a 7 hour hike adventure with one of my favorite cousins Tom. I had the good fortune of getting to spend 5 days with Tom at the family cottage. It was full of laughter, fun and a Robin Williams movie marathon. Weird that so many people can feel so much loss for someone they never met, but Mr. Williams touched so many people’s lives and he is sorely missed. But look a pensive picture of Tom sitting beside a lake we hiked around




(Robin and his beard will be sorely missed… thanks for all the laughs!)

The time in Torrence was great and there is a chance I might make it back for a cameo on labour day weekend however it was time for me to bike onwards. The leg between Torrence and Aurilia was easily in my top 5 favourite bike routes from this entire trip. It was this secluded road with more bike traffic then car traffic. For almost the entire 90km bike ride you are surrounded by a lush leafy canopy on either side. Once in awhile it forms a perfect leaf tunnel, the air is so fresh and it was just a stunning ride. I even had to bike over a pivoting bridge that was cool, but two douche bags were driving yachts and needed the bridge to open for them to get by.


(One of the best biking roads in Canada thus far)

I was very fortunate to get to stay with my moms good friend Beth outside of Aurilia. Her and her partner Phil fed me and put me up for the night.


(Beth and Phil)

However I had 150kms to go to get into Toronto so I peddled onwards. This leg of the trip was pretty brutal the first 110kms were ok but my right knee was severely aggravated. Probably from the 5200kms of biking!

When I arrived in Toronto the joke is true there are 2 seasons here, winter and construction. I had arrived for lovely construction season and in turn I was neither safe on the road, the bike lanes or the side walk. I even got lost several times and my phone/gps died so it took me 5 hours to do the last 40 kms through the city. When I finally arrived at my cousin Stef’s I had been on my bike for around 12 hours that day which is WAYYYYYY too much time to be on a bike. In the end I had a very soar butt and a throbbing knee.


(Ummmm how the fuck do I get by? Seriously click this link all the red dots are construction,-79.5177668,11z)

Throughout my bike trip I have been what some people call a “masher” which means I haven’t been wearing bike shoes that clip into my peddles. However in an effort to save me knee I forked out the 140$ for shoes, peddles and clips. Bonus I get an estimated 30% more power as I now get to use my hamstring and glutes. (With clips and shoes you are able to pull up on the peddles).

I was also able to get dinner with my aunt Anne who is Stef’s mother.


(Stef, Anne and super Jesus?)

On another awesome note my friend Anthony had been raving about this sport bike polo and I found a league here in Toronto. Christine a friend I visited here in Toronto was playing and she brought me out to check it out. Newbie night is Wednesday so I am super stoked to get to play. It’s a combination of ball hockey and biking, two of my favorite things.


(Bike POLO!!!!)

On a final note. Toronto is a bumping city and there is always something happening. While I was down town there were some fireworks going off. And the boom is quite loud and deafening. It made me dread imagining what an actual bomb sounds and feels like. Sure glad I don’t know and hopefully never will!

Anyway that sums up my last week I found a good bike co-op to volunteer at and will be grinding out open mic comedy nights. If you clicked on my website you may have notice 3 booked gigs!

Thanks for reading,



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  1. Hey man I just stumbled upon your blog today and from what I gather you’re on quite a biking adventure across Canada. I surfed your couch a couple of years ago in Kamloops on my way to the stampede. I’m in Montreal now so when you get here drop me a CS message and I’d be more than happy to host you.

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