Abrupt Ends and New Beginnings

Well I arrived in Montreal last weekend and I have some bad news, unfortunately my knees are giving out on me. The right one was throbbing so much that I was not able to complete the last 70kms into Montreal. It’s an injury that many cyclist face and it’s partly due to repetitive movements and the fact that the quad muscle gets so big, that it pulls and puts significant stress on the knee. I took this last week off from biking in hopes that it would heal.


(That freakish meat stick is my leg! The quad overdevelops and puts stress on the ligaments and cartilage in the knee.)

I went for my first ride yesterday and it was great to be back on the bike but there is still some pain in both knees and if I push them any further, I risk a longer recovery period or potentially life long damage to my knees. Thus my 2014 cross Canada tour after just under 6000kms (my odometer got water in it and broke 3 times, so that’s my best estimate) appears to be coming to an end here in Montreal. I had to do some serious gut checks because I am about 15 days of riding away from being done, however my pride isn’t worth not being able to walk later in life. And I can always finish the tour in the spring.


(“I may be fucking crippled, but at least no one can say the name of my blog was inaccurate!”)

Since my last post I was able to spend some time in Peterborough with my cousin Phil and his family. It was awesome and Phil was a part of inspiring me to do this trip. He was the first person I met who had done long distant touring on a bike, making me realize it was possible. I had a great time in Peterborough and spent a bit of nostalgia time at the local university campus. I was also able to volunteer a few hours at the local bike co-op B!ke. Where one of the head mechanics was this young lady who is easily one of the best mechanics I have had the pleasure of working with. It was an absolute delight to get to learn from and work with a talented female mechanic, they are unfortunately quite rare in this male dominated field.

female mechanic

(Oh ya, I would let her true my wheel any time! No sexual connotation intended I am just saying she can true my wheels cause she’s really good at it and it’s hard to do…)

From Peterborough I pushed on to Kingston where I met up with my unpaid manager Tobias, we peddled the next few days to Cornwall, 70kms outside of Montreal. Where as I said my right knee stopped being usable. I used the VIA rail train to make it the last 70kms here.


(This is what my childhood taught me trains would look like, it was like Santa all over again… Here is a little treat for you, one of my idols voices him here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jV6ew_MMZIA )

While in Montreal I got to perform at the Comedy Nest, one of the last bastions of dedicated comedy clubs here in Montreal and my set went well but was by no means fantastic. What was fantastic though, was that a number of friends came out to support me including a cameo from my Vancouver Island current friend and ex neighbour Lexi. Such a delight to see familiar faces in strange places. In addition getting to network with the local comics is invaluable and I am performing another set tonight at a hostel.

me at the nest

(A less talented, less bangable Canadian version of Russell Brand.)

In geekey news, I played a number of magic card tournaments over the last few days and won 2 tournaments Friday night/Saturday morning, putting my record at 23-1. However I was due for some humble pie and I lost a match to a new friend of mine Primo and finished that tournament 4-1. Because I had won a number of additional prizes I was able to trade in some of my cards to play more magic so I entered another tournament at 12am.  I lost the first round to another cool cat Mo and decided that I was pretty tired and since I could no longer win first, I decided to go get some sleep. But a 27-3 record is still pretty sweet :D.


(This is what I look like while eating humble pie, reflective, a bit perturbed and entirely confused. “But I was so awesome only a few minutes ago…”)

On the note of reflection I have had to reflect on what to do after the bike trip and these are the top excellent options available to me.

  • Return to Manning Park in BC and work at the resort while trying to run a comedy night at the bar (this option also comes with access to the ski mountain).
  • Return to Vancouver Island and help the community in Bowser and grow food.
  • Stay in either Montreal or Toronto and make ends meet while pursuing stand up comedy.
  • Become Super hero/bike mechanic and fight crime.
  • Apply for work visa in the USA and do a similar bike tour there.
Flying dion

(And you thought the 4th option wasn’t viable.)

As you can see I am spoiled with some excellent options. I am leaning towards staying here in Montreal as I have two very close friends from Kamloops living in the area. There also is a particular young lady I am quite fond of living here. It has a solid stand up scene. And cheap rent, 600$ for spacious apt.

However, nothing is written in stone yet (and even if it was, it’s would just be some writing in some stupid rock, right?) Manning Park was such a cool experience so living there for the winter would also be awesome. Thus I will continue to reflect on what to do as I surf people’s couches here in Montreal.


(See this rock gets it!)

Well readers this unfortunately will be the last blog post where I am on the 2014 bike tour. However I have 3 fun articles I intended to write once the trip had finished. So there will be a few more posts here on Biking Across Canada to Cure Comedy.

I would like to whole heartedly thank everyone for reading and especially thank those that read on a regular basis. WordPress keeps statistic so I know mmmwhahahahahhah! It’s been such a great experience and I encourage everyone who is able, to do some bike touring, it’s like no other experience I’ve had. I feel more myself and more grounded than I have in a long time. If you have any questions or comments they are always incredibly welcome, again thanks so much for reading. Getting to share the experience helped make it so much more worthwhile


(Thank you, that’s right you!)

Lots of love,




  1. My sympathies on you knee issues…I hope you heal quickly my friend! My Trek racing bike is a pleasure to use, I trued the wheels and dialed it in a bit more…the only thing it wants now is replacement bars, I just cannot ride drop bars, kills my shoulders dammit! I wish you luck in where ever you end up Dion! Let me know where, and keep smiling!

  2. Sorry to hear of your knee issues Dion! I’ve enjoyed your blog posts since I cottoned on a couple of months ago. Perhaps we’ll meet next year! Good luck mate.

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