There’s no Place Like Feeling at Home

Hello everyone I hope this weeks post finds you well. I am still in Winnipeg and conveniently the Fringe festival is on. And thus again I am extending my visit in another spectacular spot of Canada.


When last I wrote I had just swallowed my pride and taken a lift into Winnipeg in order to give myself time with my cousin Dave and his family. And let me tell you it was incredibly worth it.


I often find it draining to see the wealth of children out there who are often being raised by parents whom honestly I do not think are ready to be raising kids. Though this comes across overly judgemental if you take a tour of your local Wal Mart I think you may agree. Society seems to be ripe with physically and mentally unhealthy people who are in turn rearing physically and mentally unhealthy children. There are few things I find more unnerving than seeing an overweight toddler being pushed around in a stroller, while in a zombie like trance, as they stare blankly at the screen of their parents hand held devices. I am a little terrified to meet this entity in 10 years, how does this situation make you feel?

Really-Obese-Kid-In-Stroller infant_ipad

(I am not in favour of bureaucracy, but I find it comical that the state requires you to have a fishing licence but is like “shit produce as many humans as you want!”)


Anyway my cousin Dave’s children were the polar opposite. Vibrant, healthy inquisitive kids who were an endless supply of entertainment and challenges. They use technology and are just as hooked as the rest of us but not to a destructive degree.


I really enjoy kids and currently don’t have any in my life. (Torrey make some nephews and nieces!). So when I got to spend an afternoon with his son Even and getting to be “uncle Dion” was such a delight. The two of us worked on his bike as he eagerly watched and learned how to tune it, then we rode around for 4 hours of fun and were treated to lunch variously through my mom 4000 kms away. (Thanks mom!)



(Evan and I’s biking/gangster selfie.)

The 7 of us (uncle Dick, aunt Peggy, Dave, Sereta, Isha, Even and I) ate diner together each night sharing laughs, bad puns and just a very genuine feeling of family. I was sad to see them leave but very grateful to get the few days with them.



My moms side of the family is huge I have some 35 cousins a number of whom I’ve never met. Uncle Dick and aunt Peggy have done such an amazing job raising their 5 kids and I hope to be able to touch base with each of them on the trip. Their efforts and love resonate in their grand kids whom I cannot express what absolute gems they are.


The other experience that has been pretty surreal is how welcoming Dick and Peggy have been. They both remind me of my mother and father and have treated more like a son than a guest, this has been such a beautiful feeling of being home even though it’s thousands of kilometres away.



(“There’s no place like home…” unless of course you’re fortunate enough to have relatives that are awesome!”)

With their kids being so great and their kids children being so spectacular, it would only make sense that their friends would follow suit. And sure enough we went for diner at family friend Gord’s home and this evening was another highlight. Food was great and the quality of conversation was through the roof. The evening was highlighted by these two immensely entertaining, intelligent and attractive sisters Maria and Laura, who shared a very cool word game with the diner party that was so fun, we had 7 adults behaving like kindergarteners because we were so excited.


(“Nooooo it’s my turn to pick a word!”)

The two of them have such a cool sibling dynamic that I would really like to meet and hang out with the rest of their family, it would probably be a wreaking ball of fun and music.


(Yay for contemporary references that add nothing to the blog, other than having a picture of a word I used!)

On another note if you folks weren’t aware I am a pretty big geek. I have been playing Magic the Gathering for 15 years and was able to play in two tournaments here in Winnipeg. Both of which I won (smug emotion smug).


(“My people, my kingdom…”)


I also connected with a fellow Matt whom I played in the finals of one tournament with. We immediately got along well. Matt is working on his masters and his partner Jen is in medical school. I again tried to recruit them to Bowser. I was able to track Matt down a cool Spanish road bike for 80$ that needs a little TLC but should be running in tip top shape after we work on it at a bike co-op tomorrow afternoon.


Well that about surmises my week. I hope you enjoyed the read, on a final note, though the aim of my blog was as a pseudo journal for myself and as a way for those interested to follow along on my journey. Part of me, like any human yearns to share this experience known as life. And according to my WordPress stats my readership has peaked and is slowly on the decline. I try not to put too much stock into it but it can be tough.


So I ask you the reader, what can I do while writing the blog to keep it interesting and keep people following and ideally passing the blog off to others to read? Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Thanks for reading,






  1. Hey Dion Just keep doing what your doing, everyone is crazy busy with summer here, don’t stop writing. We love it.

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