Manitoba’s Sinking Man and I Don’t Wanna Swim

Hello everyone, this blog post is a day late! But because of this I can now post anywhere from Tuesday – Thursday mwhahahahah!


(This is what the prairies look like right now!)
Well I finally left Saskatoon but I also left a piece of my heart there. It is an awesome city and any energies I shared while there I felt were well received and made a huge difference.

Networking with the bike co-op was awesome and allowed me to donate a super sexy pink Bianchi to a very cool cat named Adam. I also got to make 5 kids their very first bikes! My last day working at the bike shop I got to work closely with the lovely and talented Megan, whom is into alternative education. And whenever I meet healthy young people I always try and get them to move to Bowser.


(Isaih helping me switch his peddles)


(Getting to give away a super cool BMX with pink rims!)

My final evening in Saskatoon was a deusey. Rebecca the very talented girl who introduced me to Nicole was kind enough to give me a Thai Yoga massage that was out of this aether! Rebecca learned the technique the absolute best way possible, while in Thailand she met a monk who needed someone to practice on to perfect his craft. So he would massage her 3 hours a day and in turn she learned the techniques vicariously through the experience. And boy did she learn, I do Yoga on and off so it was neat to experience I would describe it like, assisted Yoga with precise pressure points to release tension. I felt so relax and limber that I managed to bike 600kms over the following 3 days. Thanks again Rebecca!


(This may not look relaxing but it’s unreal!)

After my massage I was disorientedly relaxed and was lying on the couch. When another lovely roomate Camille came in wearing cut offs that’s pockets were longer than the shorts. Girls btw if your pockets stick out longer than the denim of your shorts, these are no longer shorts, they are pretty much underwear or a bathing suit bottom, either way we appreciate what you are doing :).

cutoffs img-thing

(See the difference?)

Anywho seeing this my male brain was like, “you should go out and mingle on the town, it’s your last night here”. But I was also feeling pretty “meh” so I lied back down. Then Alyssa the other roomate came in, stocked full of energy and “raging” as she described it. She invited me out to a cd release dance party, I knew this was no time to be lying down, so I jumped at the opportunity.


Alyssa planned to negate cover by walking in confidently and saying “I’m on this list”. So following her lead I tried to walk sexy and confidently like her “boy toy +1”. And the ruse worked, we were in! So I got more live music, dancing and was able to visit a number of people I met earlier in the week, all for free!


(“That guy does have a confident, sexy swagger… he must be on the list!”)

Alyssa and I had a great time and she even treated me to the best breakfast I have had thus far, at the restaurant she works at. I can’t emphasize how awesome the folks living in this house are. Alyssa was kind enough to share some of her music with me, she has one of the sultriest voices I have ever heard, I again tried to recruit another young person to come live in Bowser!


But the next day I was off. I biked till my legs were soar and then camped beside some cows, who when I awoke were incredibly confused and aggressively mooed at me as I did my morning routine.



(“MOOOOooooooo GTFO MOOOOOOOO!!!!!”)

On Monday I biked into Yorkton where I had found a host named Ed who put me up at his girl friends house. The two of them were very pleasant and helped me do shopping in the morning and saw me off down highway 16. I had solid tail wind and made great kms that day. However I literally camped in a mosquito infested bog directly between the highway and the rail road tracks. I got woken up by trucks and trains. I was also was cold and wet in the middle of the night. Then in the morning the sun quickly overheated my tent. My morning ritual was not the usual pleasant breakfast and stretch, instead I was swarmed by mosquitoes as I packed up my tent and fled with my bike sludging through the muck.


(“Why the fuck did I camp here, what was I thinking!”)

Day 4 was the most disheartening riding thus far. I battled headwinds, lack of sleep and some severe muscle stiffness, I had hope to make Winnipeg in 4 days but this wouldn’t be the case. Usually in the prairies I can average 25kms an hour. And In 3 days I had managed 600kms, but it took me 3 hours do to 40kms so I pulled over for a rest.

There were severe head winds and my cousin Dave and his family are only in Winnipeg till Saturday. Then they move back to India. I haven’t seen Dave in nearly 20 years but I have been super excited to visit him and meet his family, so I swallowed my pride and took a ride from a lovely lady Cathy for the last 200kms to Winnipeg. And conveniently arrived with enough time to visit Dave and his family and it’s also Folk Fest in Winnipeg right now 😀

I have been bad with photos, since loosing my “unpaid manager” Tobias whom had an excellent camera and was damn good with it. So I do not have photos of any of the cool people I spent the last week with :(. From now on I will be the “take too many photos guy”. I did snag these cool photos though.


(Highway 16 was washed out and I was the only vehicle to get through.)


(There was a water vortex that looked like someone pulled the plug from a drain)



(Worf at Manitoba border)


I have safely arrive in Winnipeg and will be here for about a week.


Well I know my previous posts have been a little long and have often been filled with heavy philosophical shit, so I figured I would balance it with this nice straight forward one.


Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed,





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