Pink is my colour (dancing, biking and Bill Hicks)


So after a great stay in Victoria I biked to the ferry and headed into Vancouver. While on the ferry I met up with another group of bikers doing a cross Canada tour, to my dismay they reminded me that mile 0 was in Victoria. “Hey Dion wasn’t a photo op at mile 0 part of the reason to leave via Victoria?!”. Ooops! but look a photo of another guy at mile 0 with a beard drawn in!


After the ferry, I got a little lost biking into Vancouver. Traffic is always a solid reminder of the many benefits of living in sleepy old Bowser. For my first nights stay I had contacted an old family friend Sevran. He was just off Granville and Broadway and put me up on late notice, thanks Sev! I was blown away when I looked at the address and the building. Easily the nicest place I’ve stayed in Van and Sev also makes a mean cup of joe. Check out the view I got to enjoy!



After catching up with Sevran, I headed to my second host my good buddy Bryan. Enroute I took one of Vancouver’s designated bike routes which are growing quickly. I was fortunate to get to take 10th ave on a sunny day, just as the cherry blossoms were in full bloom, their petals were softly falling to the grown like pink snowflakes. I even passed 2 little girls who were making “cherry blossom” angels. Fortunately, I didn’t take any pictures :/, and went back a few days later after it had rained, and what was only days ago a pink paradise, had become brown-mushy-muck. There is some deep metaphor here somewhere I know it.

Also On the way to Bryan’s out in Burnaby I was packing all my gear and had to climb this ridiculously slanted hill, literally the steepest hill I think I have ever seen. But I geared down and went for it, I was making decent pace but mid way up the hill, I started getting serious wobbles from my frame, and then I heard a distinct snap as my chain broke! Fortunately I was a 2 minute walk away from Bryan’s. And on an excellent note, initially I wasn’t going to bring the tools needed to fix chains but on advice from a friend, last minute I changed my mind, evidently a good thing.

Bryan and his partner Jenna were excellent hosts. However their cat did remind me of why I have recently grown to dislike cats, and make as many jokes about them as possible. If you’re reading this Jenna I’m sorry, but he was more useless than me, and I tend to set the bar low for humans and animals alike. I am a homeless bikerman who sleeps on people couchs! I hope your cat is cooler when I am not around, for all our sakes I hope he is…

On Friday evening Bryan and I went down to meet up with my brother Torrey who was in town for a dance party with some friends. I went online to check on the venue and to my dismay it literally had the worst reviews I have ever seen with highlights such as “violent”, “racist”, “expensive” and one reviewer raving “don’t go here under any circumstances”.

When we arrived this awful neon pink light vomited out of the doors with the incessant “womp, womp” bass, in the background. Bryan and I were both hesitant to venture in and even with the best scenario this was entirely not Bryan’s scene. So he said hi to Torrey and headed home. Though I had my trepidations I had come early to Vancouver specifically to go to this dance with my brother, so with him footing half of the $30 cover, into the neon pink cave of wonders I went.

Fortunately the venues usual violent, racist patrons were not there for the Psy Trance dance. And the floor with cluttered with a very high but also a very friendly group of welcoming and kooky characters. There was one scene I wish I could have photo graphed, there was this very young looking East Asian fellow, who I am pretty sure was entirely under-age and I can only assume his family owned the venue. He had this look and walk about him and it culminated when he was standing on his own in front he the DJ with this powerful and defiant look, scowling as he drank his beer. Wish I had a photo!

Torrey’s friends were especially a blast to visit and Sean and Saiyake were kind enough to host 7 wary travellers at the end of the night. We walked 45 minutes with uninterrupted laughter and conversation. But the night came to a head for me when the last song came on, the D.J. put on a mix to Bill Hicks’s stand up about life being a “ride”. For you that don’t know him, he is my personal favourite comedian and a role model of mine, I encourage you to check him out. The other cool part was a fellow named Jordan and I had been talking about Hicks all night. So despite my exhaustion, I was fuelled by Hicks and bass “womp, womp” to dance as hard as I could. The whole night there was one particularly attractive girl on the dance floor that I had wanted to visit, conveniently I was hoped up on Bill Hicks inspired confidence! So when the dance ended I was able to get her attention outside, and BAM!, I had a bike ride date lined up for Sunday.

When Sunday came along it was pissing rain, and I biked an hour down to Stanley Park to meet up with a girl I knew little about, other than her name (Olusha) and that she was an artist. I will admit mid peddle I did think, “is this worth it?”. Let me tell you, was it ever. She is intelligent, beautiful, artistic and comfortable being herself. After 3 hours of laughter and stimulating conversation I knew we should go on another adventure. So we arranged to go to a social ball room dance Tuesday night and it turned out to be even more fun than our first outing. We danced up a storm and had a delightful late night walk home. It’s pretty amazing meeting people like her and building such quick connections. The burden and blessings of all travellers, are the quick and intense, but also fleeting friendship you make along the way.

Finding stage time has been challenging, I will be performing at an open mic comedy show tonight and tomorrow and will go from there. Also starting in Vic and Van has made budgeting very challenging, so if any of you out there owe me money, now would be a good time and for those I owe money to, don’t expect it any time soon 😉

My camera will not connect with my computer so there will be a lack of good photos until that problem is remedied. I am aiming to post blogs Tuesday or Wednesdays. I would like to thank everyone for reading. If there are specific things you’d like me to write more about please feel free to post in the comments,







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