My Mountain was a Boat (biking, ball-hockey and humble pie)

After a 70km ride to Naniamo in a rainy head wind, with an added 22km trip to pick up a laptop, my legs were more rubbery after day 1 then I had anticipated. On day 2 I was aiming to do 110km from Naniamo to Victoria. With how drained my legs felt this was going to be quite the task. So when a friend told me there was a ferry from Mill Bay to Brentwood that allowed me to bypass the Malahat and save myself 20 kms of biking, I figuratively jumped at the opportunity. I was going to be playing in a ball hockey tournament over the weekend and I wanted to make sure I had something left in the tank. I will confess that I struggled with taking taking the ferry and it did feel like a defeat. Here I was bypassing my first goal and challenge. I realized though, that I will have plenty of other literal and figurative mountains to climb. Thus I checked my ego at the door, took the easier route and my mountain suddenly became a boat.

Unfortunately I didn’t use this same approach in regards to the ball hockey tournament. Our goalie wasn’t able to make it, 33% of the team hadn’t played any ball hockey before and we had never played as a team. For some reason I thought it was a good idea to keep us in the 2nd highest division (Great thinking Dion!). Game 1 we won 4-3 and were given a very, let me emphasize VERY false sense of security. We were all “Yay, we can do this guys!”. Game 2 was an entirely different story and we were served a large slice of humble pie, in a 15-2 blow out. I felt bad because our youngest member Rubben was in net and blamed himself for the loss. Jokingly I told him we should have won the game 2-1 (which if you’re reading this Rubben, was clearly the case!). The next 2 games were more of the same and we finally started to come together during our last game, an elimination game, that we in turn lost. But by the end of the day I was super proud of the team and we all had a blast. We are aiming to play again next year and are taking goalie resumes now!


Blood Sweat and Beers 2014 Friso Johaines, Logan Macnair, Cole Balaski, Dion Owen, Guido Durfeld, Rube Mattheus


(Yours truly mid stride)

After the losses we consoled ourselves over drinks at Guido’s and had aims of heading out drinking and dancing surrounded by the the lovely ladies of Victoria. Two hours of running, a sunburn and a few beers quickly quelled that ambition and by 10pm we were all passing out in the living room. The night was highlighted by Guido’s teacher persona coming out while he was showing us an awesome video of some of his adventures in South America. Also I got to sleep in the same room as my friend and old hockey buddy Cole. It was a real time warp for both of us, it was like we were 15 again on a hockey trip and bunked in the same hotel room. And just like our old 15 year old selves we stayed up for a few hours laughing and trading stories.

My folks even came down to watch the tournament which was again such a nice experience, I stayed with them in their hotel room the last night they were in Victoria which again was a blast from the past. They are so loving and supportive my mom even made me some super cool cards! I have been handing them out like… well like, cards. (You know your going places when your mom makes your “business” cards for you!) We had a heart felt good bye after spending the morning in the park with the dogs, I can’t thank my family enough and am so grateful to get to spend time with them as an adult I know many people don’t get this privileged.


(My card that my mom did an amazing job on, thanks mom!)

Next stop is Vancouver, I am just in the process of securing places to stay as I will be spending up to 2 weeks there. I have access to a stage 3+ times a week and might be part of a larger show on the 13th. It would also give snow in the Rockies a chance to melt, as bikes and winter are not friends. That about sums it up, Ltn Commander Worf has been an excellent co-pilot so far, I will post again next week,

Thanks for reading,





  1. Will be reading to know when you are in Van area so I can hit up a night when you’re on stage! Good luck on the journeys!

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